About us

Welcome to CobraEleven.

My name is Erdogan Atalay and I am an actor.
Some of you may know me from the series Alarm for Cobra 11, where I was chief inspector Semir Gerkhan for 25 years.
The idea to create my own brand came to me when I was abroad again and again and was approached as Mr. CobraEleven. Since in Indian astrology the symbol of the cobra is the source of life and through its versatility stands for vitality and originality, the idea was born to combine a name and a symbol, not only to launch products with this brand in excellent quality, but also – with the help of part of the proceeds – to support charities or even families in immediate need.
For many years, I have been an ambassador for the children’s charity “Die Arche”, which works throughout Germany to help children below the poverty line in order to break this spiral of poverty and exclusion. My brand CobraEleven is meant to be an example of how to combine product sales and charity.

The Products

The furniture on this page was made exclusively by hand by Zoltan Kozma and his team, I am responsible for the design. Zoltan Kozma and his brand Retroger Furniture have already made a serious name for themselves in the field of furniture production with extremely high quality Vw and Gulf licensed furniture. This very high quality custom furniture is now available in CobraEleven design.
The limited edition Cobraeleven Action Outdoor Watch is made in Switzerland by Traser and features sapphire crystal, Nato strap, reinforced and waterproof case, distinctive CobraEleven branding and Trigalight technology ideal for extreme wear.
The design is of course from my pen.
In addition, you will find many other high quality CobraEleven branded products in the webshop of RetrogeR.de.
Have fun with our products and if something does not meet your needs, write us and we will take care of it!
Erdogan Atalay